The last few weeks (21-24)

My apologies! Life has gotten the better of me, and just haven’t had time to update!

All is going great, and there isn’t much to report on. The babies and I are growing big, and growing FAST! Our little ones are moving CONSTANTLY and are getting a little squished in there!

We have been going to the gym, and continuing to get our exercise, even though it is pretty tough to stay energetic right now! My blood work and blood pressure has been really great the last few times I have had them tested, so I am very pleased with how well this pregnancy has treated me so far!

My husband and i’s family have been busy planning our baby shower, and we are getting so excited! My wonderful best friend is throwing a friend shower as well, and I feel so blessed to have all of this support! Both of our families have done so much for us, to prepare for our twins to come! We  have:

Cribs, car seats, a double stroller, basinet, bouncers, swings, clothes, bottles, diapers, high chairs, and tons of other goodies! We are so blessed to have such wonderful families!!!!

I have so many questions about what life is going to be like in a few short months! So many people have such fantastic advice, I wish I could spend my days interviewing different mommies and daddies. I am so excited and so nervous at the same time!

I am going to try to blog next time about some great advice I have been given this far! My best friend blogged yesterday and had some very valuable advice from other blog mommies:

I hope I can add to this someday, specifically for other twin mammas!

Here are some updated belly shots over the last couple weeks, and I will try to blog next week after our visit!


22 weeks!


24 Weeks!! Growing big!!!!






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